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Parallel Learning of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood

By England, Nick, Shea, Mary, Mary Shea

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Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World: International Edition

By Larson, Ron, Farber, Betsy

Basic Statistics for the Health Sciences

By Kuzma, Jan W.

Basic Statistics for the Health Sciences

By Kuzma, Jan W.

Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences (Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Applied Probability and St)

By Daniel, Wayne W.

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics

By Dawson, Beth, Trapp, Robert

Workbook of Epidemiology

By Norell, Staffan E.

Chance and Average (Maths Matters)

By Knapp, Brian, Bass, Colin G., Debon, Nicolas

Probability and Random Variables (Ellis Horwood Series in Mathematics & Its Applications)

By Beaumont, GP

An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications

By Larsen, Richard J., Marx, Morris L.

Statistics: Concepts and Applications Workbook

By Frank, Harry, Althoen, Steven C.

Elements of Statistical Inference

By Huntsberger, David V., Billingsley, Patrick

Miller and Freund's Probability and Statistics for Engineers: United States Edition

By Johnson, Richard A.

Probability: An Introduction with Statistical Applications

By Kinney, John J.

Probability Models and Applications

By Olkin, Ingram, Gleser, Leon, Derman, Cyrus

Using Statistics

By Travers, Kenneth, Stout, W., Swift, J.

Applied Statistics: A First Course

By Berenson, Mark L., etc.

A Course in Probability: International Edition

By Weiss, Neil A.

Applications Basics and Computing of Exploratory Data Analysis Edition: First

By Paul F. Velleman David C. Hoaglin

Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences

By Daniel, Wayne W.


By Ross, Sheldon M.

Exploring Statistics: A Modern Introduction to Data Analysis and Inference

By Kitchens, Larry J.

Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data

By Sullivan III, Michael

Elementary Statistics: International Edition

By Weiss, Neil A.

Introductory Statistics

By Devore, Jay L., Peck, Roxy

An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling

By Karlin, Samuel

Applied Statistics with Microsoft Excel

By Keller, Gerald

Applied Regression Analysis: A Research Tool (Springer Texts in Statistics)

By Rawlings, John O., Pantula, Sastry G., Dickey, David A.

MEI Statistics 3 Third Edition (MEI Structured Mathematics (A+AS Level) Third Edition)

By Anthony Eccles, Michael Davies, Roger Porkess, Nigel Green, Ray Dunnett, Eccles, Anthony, Davies, Michael, Porkess, Roger, Green, Nigel, Dunnett, Ray

Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods

By Kleinbaum, David G., Kupper, Lawrence L., Müller, Keith E., K.E.