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Medical Psychiatry

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Speech and Language Disorders in Psychiatry: Proceedings of the Fifth Leeds Psychopathology Symposium

By Andrew Sims

A Pattern of Madness

By Neville Symington

Troublesome Disguises: Underdiagnosed Psychiatric Disorders

By Dinesh Bhugra, Anne Munro

Personalized Psychiatry

By Bernhard Baune

A Functional Approach to Group Work in Occupational Therapy

By Margot C. Howe, Sharan L. Schwartzberg

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

By Marshall MPhil BA(Hons) RGN, Sue, Turnbull MSc BA RNMH, John, Sue Marshall, John Turnbull

Malingering and Illness Deception

Occupational Therapy for Children with Special Needs

By Elaine Wilson (Sensory Integration International, New South Wales)

Using the Creative Arts in Therapy and Healthcare: A Practical Introduction

By Bernie Warren (University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

A Guide to Psychiatry in Primary Care

By Patricia R. Casey

Challenging Behaviour and Intellectual Disability: A Psychological Perspective

By Robert S.P. Jones, Caroline Eayrs

Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

By Dr Anthony Attwood

The Philosophy of Psychiatry

By Jennifer Radden (Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Boston)

Organic Psychiatry: The Psychological Consequences of Cerebral Disorder

By W.A. Lishman

Seminars in General Adult Psychiatry

By George Stein, Greg Wilkinson

Seminars in the Psychiatry of Learning Disability

By Oliver Russell

Dementia: A Positive Approach

By Lynn Phair, Valerie Good

The Paradoxical Brain

By Narinder Kapur (University College London), Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Vilayanur Ramachandran (University of California, San Diego), Jonathan Cole, Sergio Della Sala (University of Edinburgh)

Face Recognition and its Disorders

By Sarah Bate (Bournemouth University, Poole)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Pocketbook: Diagnosis, Treatment and its Relationship to Other Anxiety Disorders

By Spilios Argyropolous, Sam Forshall, David Nutt

Seminars in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

By Simon Gowers

Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus: Introduction to Schizoanalysis

By Holland, Eugene W.

MCQs in Neurology and Psychiatry: Book 2 (Pastest pocket series for MRCP part 1)

By Allan, C.M.C., Gelhaar, E.

Dibs in Search of Self: Personality Development in Play Therapy

By Virginia M. Axline, Virginia M Axline, Axline, Virginia M.

Managing Children with Psychiatric Problems

By Garralda, M. Elena, Hyde, Caroline

Practical Child Psychiatry: The Clinician's Guide

By Sharon Taylor, Kenneth Nunn, Bryan Lask

Nidotherapy: Harmonising the Environment with the Patient

By Tyrer, Peter, Helen

Treatment and Care in Old Age Psychiatry

By Levy, Raymond, Howard, Robert, Burns, Alistair

Nidotherapy: Harmonising the Environment with the Patient

By Tyrer, Peter

Assessment Scales in Old Age Psychiatry

By Burns, Alistair, Lawlor, Brian, Craig, Sarah