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Advanced Lasers: Laser Physics and Technology for Applied and Fundamental Science: 193 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 193)

By Shulika, Oleksiy, Sukhoivanov, Igor

Growth of Crystals: 21

By Givargizov, E.I., Mel'nikova, A.M.

Image Processing Using Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks

By Lindblad, Thomas, Kinser, Jason M.

Dynamics of Vortex Structures in a Stratified Rotating Fluid: 47 (Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, 47)

By Sokolovskiy, Mikhail A., Verron, Jacques

Reciprocity, Spatial Mapping and Time Reversal in Electromagnetics

By Altman, C., Suchy, K.

Solved Problems in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics (Grenoble Sciences)

By Gignoux, Claude, Silvestre-Brac, Bernard

Advanced Topics in Nonsmooth Dynamics: Transactions of the European Network for Nonsmooth Dynamics

By Leine, Remco, Acary, Vincent, Brüls, Olivier

X-Ray Lasers 2006: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference, August 20-25, 2006, Berlin, Germany: 115 (Springer Proceedings in Physics, 115)

By Nickles, P.V., Janulewicz, K.A.

Optical Data Storage: Phase-change media and recording: 4 (Philips Research Book Series, 4)

By Meinders, Erwin R., Mijiritskii, Andrei V., Pieterson, Liesbeth van, Wuttig, Matthias

Photo-Excited Charge Collection Spectroscopy: Probing the traps in field-effect transistors (SpringerBriefs in Physics)

By IM, Seongil, Chang, Youn-Gyoung, Kim, Jae Hoon

A Dressing Method in Mathematical Physics: 28 (Mathematical Physics Studies, 28)

By Doktorov, Evgeny V., Leble, Sergey B.

Augmented Vision Perception in Infrared: Algorithms and Applied Systems (Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)

By Hammoud, Riad I.

Surface Plasmon Nanophotonics: 131 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 131)

By Brongersma, Mark L., Kik, Pieter G.

Electronic Structure and Magneto-Optical Properties of Solids

By Antonov, Victor, Harmon, Bruce, Yaresko, Alexander

Structure and Properties of Liquid Crystals

By Blinov, Lev M.

Turbulence Nature and the Inverse Problem: 89 (Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 89)

By Pyatnitsky, L. N.

Solitons: Non-linear pulses and beams: 5 (Optical and Quantum Electronics)

By Akhmediev, Nail, Ankiewicz, Adrian

Nonlinear Optics and Laser Emission through Random Media (Springer Theses)

By Folli, Viola

Self-Consistent Methods for Composites: Vol.2: Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Materials: 150 (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 150)

By Kanaun, S.K., Levin, V.

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Materials: 174 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 174)

By Ganeev, Rashid A.

Nanophotonics: 213 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 213)

By McGurn, Arthur

Optical Transmission: The FP7 BONE Project Experience (Signals and Communication Technology)

By Teixeira, Antonio, tosi beleffi, giorgio maria

Physics and Applications of Terahertz Radiation: 173 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 173)

By Perenzoni, Matteo, Paul, Douglas J.

Laser - Surface Interactions

By Ganeev, Rashid A.

Chiral Nanophotonics: Chiral Optical Properties of Plasmonic Systems: 205 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 205)

By Schäferling, Martin

Spatial Statistics for Remote Sensing: 1 (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing, 1)

By Stein, A., van der Meer, Freek D., Gorte, Ben

Cloud Optics: 34 (Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, 34)

By Kokhanovsky, Alexander A.

Acoustical Imaging: Volume 28 (Acoustical Imaging, 28)

By Andre, Michael P.

Bursty Human Dynamics (SpringerBriefs in Complexity)

By Karsai, Marton, Jo, Hang-Hyun, Kaski, Kimmo

Outdoor Lighting: Physics, Vision and Perception

By Schreuder, Duco