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All About Salamanders

By Roberts, Mervin F.

Endangered Animals

A Guide to Shetland's Breeding Birds

By Tulloch, Bobby

Mountain Weather: A Practical Guide for Hillwalkers and Climbers in the British Isles

By Pedgley, David E.

Birdwatching in Kent

By Don Taylor, Peter Grant


By Morris, Pat, Troughton, Guy

Seals (British Natural History Series)

By Anderson, Sheila, Troughton, Guy

Weather at Sea (A Yachtmaster's guide)

By Houghton, David

Tunnicliffe's Birdlife

By Noel Cusa, C.F. Tunnicliffe

Whales and Other Sea Mammals (Wild, wild world of animals)

By Dozier, Thomas A.

Eye on the Hurricane: Eastern Counties

By Ogley, Bob, Reynolds, Kev

Science in Seconds: 200 Key Concepts Explained in an Instant (IN MINUTES)

By Muir, Hazel

The Human Question: What People Believe about Evolution, Human Origins, and the Beginning of Life

By Peoples, Hervey Cunningham

Tyrannosaurus Sue

By Steve Fiffer

What is Quantum Mechanics?: A Physics Adventure



By Lik, Peter, Lik, Peter

The Elegant Universe of Albert Einstein (Awa Science Series)

By Barnes, Tom

Tigers: A Celebration of Life

By Rouse, Andy

Britain's Favourite Animals: Dairy Diary

By Paull, Marion

Human Evolution, Diet and Health: The Case for Palaeolithic Nutrition

By Mark Hines

Infinity in Your Pocket: Over 3,000 Mathematics and Science Facts and Formulae

By Flynn, Mike, Burgess, Richard

Wild London: The Nature of a Capital

By Iain Green, Iain Green

The Canopus Encyclopedia of Astronomy

By Murdin, Paul, Penston, Margaret

Stars of Destiny: A Scientific Look at Astrology

By Patrick Moore

The Box Hill Book of Bugs and Other Small Creatures

By Bebbington, Anne, Bebbington, John, Bebbington, John, Bebbington, Anne

Nature of Nature: Dialectics of Nature

By Torbe, Ifor

Whales and Dolphins

By Victor Cox, Vic Cox

The Complete Book of Southern African Mammals

Book of Great SA Outdoors

Watching Birds in Ireland

By Hutchinson, C.D., Irish Wildbird Conservancy