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THEORIES OF EVERYTHING: Ideas in Profile (Ideas in Profile - small books, big ideas)

By Close, Frank


By Chaikin, Andrew

The Book of Numbers

By Bentley, Dr Peter

The Astronomy Bible (Octopus Bible Series)

By HEATHER COUPER, Nigel Henbest

The Secret Life of Equations: The 50 Greatest Equations and How They Work

By Cochrane, Richard

Cracking Mathematics: You, this book and 4,000 years of theories

By Beveridge, Colin

The Secret Life of the Periodic Table

By Dr Ben Still

The Physics Behind... (The Behind... series)

By Swan, Russ

The Pocket Encyclopedia of Aggravation: The Counterintuitive Approach to De-stressing (Octo01 13 06 2019)

By Laura Lee

Forgotten Women: The Scientists

By Tsjeng, Zing

Bang! The Complete History of the Universe

By May, Brian, Moore, CBE DSc FRAS Sir Patrick, Lintott, Chris, Canopus Publishing Ltd

Insects: Identification Guide (Identification Guides)

By Fitzsimons, Cecilia, Forey, Pamela

The No-Nonsense Guide to Science (No Nonsense Guides S.)

By Ravetz, Jerry

Trees and how to grow them

By Margaret Lipscombe, Jon Stokes

A Brief Guide to the Great Equations: The Hunt for Cosmic Beauty in Numbers (Brief Histories)

By Crease, Robert

A Dictionary of Science (Oxford Paperback Reference)

By Daintith, John

Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are

By Seung, Sebastian

How Not to Be Wrong: The Hidden Maths of Everyday Life

By Ellenberg, Jordan

The Signal and the Noise: The Art and Science of Prediction

By Nate Silver

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

By Penn, Robert

Teenagers: A Natural History

By David Bainbridge

Binocular Astronomy (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)

By Tonkin, Stephen

The Tiger That Isn't: Seeing Through a World of Numbers

By Dilnot, Andrew, Blastland, Michael

Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures

By Stewart, Professor Ian

The Great Mathematical Problems: Marvels and Mysteries of Mathematics

By Stewart, Ian

Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

By Ian Stewart

Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures

By Stewart, Professor Ian

Seventeen Equations that Changed the World

By Stewart, Professor Ian, Davey, John

What Has Nature Ever Done for Us?: How Money Really Does Grow On Trees

By Tony Juniper, Juniper, Tony

The Norm Chronicles: Stories and numbers about danger

By Michael Blastland, David Spiegelhalter