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Behavioural Neuroscience: An Introduction

By Cotman, Carl W., McGaugh, James L.

Psychology of Conservatism

By Wilson, Glenn F.

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia: An Introduction for Research Workers and Technicians

By Flecknell, Paul A.

An Introduction to Animal Law

By Cooper, Margaret E.

Laterite and Landscape

By McFarlane, M.J.

Physical Chemistry

By Adamson, Arthur W.

The Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease

By Mims, Cedric A., Stephen, John, Cedric, Dimmock, Nigel J., Nash, A.A.


By Runcorn, Stanley K.

Fractals Everywhere

By Barnsley, Prof. Michael

On Numbers and Games (London Mathematical Society Monographs)

By Conway, Professor John H.

Training: Research and Practice

By Patrick, John

Cell and Molecular Biology

By DuPraw, E.J.

Pathology of Domestic Animals: v. 1

By Jubb, K. V. F., Kennedy, Peter C.

Scientific Papers and Presentations

By Davis, Martha

Handbook of Mathematical Formulas & Integrals

By Jeffrey, Alan

Principles of Functional Analysis

By Schechter, Martin

Organizational Behaviour Theory and Practice

By Altman, Steven, etc.

Professional Issues in Forensic Science (Advanced Forensic Science Series)

By Max M. Houck

Principles of Program Design (APIC)

By Jackson, M.A.

Excitatory Amino Acids and Synaptic Transmission

By Wheal, H.V., Thomson, Alex M.

Vertebrate Brain

By Pearson, Ronald G., Lindsay

Neurotoxins (v.8) (Methods in Neurosciences)

By Conn, Dr. P. Michael

The Receptors: v. 2

By Conn, Dr. P. Michael

An Historical Geography of England and Wales

By Dodgshon, Robert A., Butlin, Robin A.


By Russell, Sir Frederick Stratten, Yonge, Sir Charles Maurice

Disorders of Neurohumoral Transmission

By Crow, T. J.

Microelectrode Methods for Intracellular Recording and Ionophoresis (Biological Techniques Series)

By Purves, R.D.

Principles of Mathematical Modelling

By Dym, Clive L., Ivey, E.S.

An Historical Geography of England and Wales

By Dodgshon, Robert A., Butlin, Robin A.

Isolation Methods for Microbiologists

By Shapton, David A., Gould, G. W.