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Ornamental Conifers

By Harrison, Charles R., Grace, Julie

Smallholder's Guide

By Munroe, C.J.

Pig Keeper's Guide

By Mitchelmore, Peter

Queen's Hidden Garden: Buckingham Palace's Treasury of Wild Plants

By David Bellamy, Bellamy OBE, David

The Death of British Agriculture

By North, Richard

Scientific Greenhouse Gardening

By Willmott, Peter Kincaid

Vet in a Spin :

By James Herriot, Larry

Thinking About Rural Development

By Whitlock, Ralph

Elements of Agriculture

By Robinson, Douglas H., Robinson, Douglas Hepworth


By Fream, WILLIAM, Fream, WILLIAM, Spedding, C.R.W.

Trees in the Landscape

By Thomas, Graham

Keeping Ducks, Geese and Turkeys

By Walters, John, Parker, Michael

Keeping Chickens: Garden Farming Series


The Permaculture Way

By Graham Bell, John Clarke, Bill Mollion, David Bellamy

The Silent Ark: A Chilling Expose of Meat - The Global Killer

By Gellatley, Juliet, Hardle, Tony

The Observer's Book of Farm Animals

By Alderson, Lawrence

The Oberver's Book of Pets

By Hearne Tina

The Biorevolution: Cornucopia or Pandora's Box?

By Wheale, Peter, McNally, Ruth M.

The Hunger Machine: Politics of Food

By Bennett

Shepherds and Shepherding (Shire Library)

By Brown, Jonathan

Life in the Amazon

By M Gillman

Farming and Industry: 11 (Step By Step)

By Coster, Patience, P

Food For Everyone (Earth SOS)

By Vaughan, Jenny

How Can We Save Our World?: Sustainable Farming: 3

By Ballard, Carol

Summer On The Farm (The Farming Year)

By Powell, Jillian

Autumn On The Farm (The Farming Year)

By Powell, Jillian

Farming: 16 (Earth Alert!)

By Featherstone, Jane

The Farming Year: Autumn On The Farm

By Powell, Jillian

The Farming Year: Winter On The Farm

By Powell, Jillian

The Farming Year: Spring On The Farm

By Powell, Jillian