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Eating the Enlightenment: Food and the Sciences in Paris, 1670-1760

By Spary, E. C.

Cannibalism and the Colonial World: 5 (Cultural Margins, Series Number 5)

By Barker, Francis, Hulme, Peter, Iversen, Margaret

Grandma's Remedies: Traditional treatments from mustard poultices to rosehip syrup

By Chappell, Cherry

Masks: Faces of Culture

By Nunley, John


By Freedland, Sara, Clarke, Sue, Clark, S

The Book of Tea: The Book of Oz (Penguin Little Black Classics)

By Okakura, Kakuzo

The Greeks: Their Life and Customs

By Guhl, E And Koner, W

Little Book of Christmas (Miniature Books for Christmas)

By Mulherin, Jennifer

Everything is Under Control (TPB): Conspiracies, Cults and Cover-ups

By Wilson, Robert Anton

One for Sorrow: A Book of Old-Fashioned Lore

By Rhodes, Chloe

Writing on Drugs

By Plant, Sadie

Autumn and Winter Festivals (Themes for Early Years)

By Court, Carole

Culture Shock! Israel: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette

By Winter, Dick

Feast at the Castle (Big Picture)

By Anna Claybourne

Borders: Frontiers of Identity, Nation and State

By Donnan, Hastings, Wilson, Thomas M.

Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History

By Schutt, Bill

A Colonial Lexicon: Of Birth Ritual, Medicalization, and Mobility in the Congo (Body, Commodity, Text)

By Hunt, Nancy Rose

Respect in a World of Inequality

By Sennett, Richard

The Female Circumcision Controversy: An Anthropological Perspective

By Ellen Gruenbaum

Modernity and Its Malcontents: Ritual and Power in Postcolonial Africa

By Comaroff, Jean, John L.


By SHILS, Edward.

Atlantis: The Andes Solution

By Allen, Jim M.

The Twentieth Century (Visual Sources S.)

By Lane, Peter

Investigating Food in History

By Chaney, Lisa

Baths and Bathing in Classical Antiquity (Architectural History Foundation Books)

By Yegul, Fikret

Ever since Adam and Eve: The Evolution of Human Sexuality

By Potts, Malcolm, Short, Roger


By Costantino, Mario, Gambella, Lawrence R.

Ritual Sacrifice: An Illustrated History

By Lewis, Brenda Ralph

Social Class in Modern Britain

By Marshall, Professor Gordon, etc., Rose, David, Newby, Howard, Vogler, Carolyn M.

Bushido Soul of Japan

By Nitobe, Inazo