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Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences

By Mcmillan, Victoria E.

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Electrochemical Analysis of Proteins and Cells (SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science)

By Li, Genxi, Miao, Peng

Kinesins and Cancer

By Kozielski FSB, Frank

SUMO Regulation of Cellular Processes: 963 (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 963)

By Wilson, Van G.

Calcium Signalling and Disease: Molecular pathology of calcium: 45 (Subcellular Biochemistry, 45)

By Carafoli, Ernesto, Brini, Marisa

Molecular Structures and Structural Dynamics of Prion Proteins and Prions: Mechanism Underlying the Resistance to Prion Diseases: 9 (Focus on Structural Biology, 9)

By Zhang, Jiapu

The Metal-Driven Biogeochemistry of Gaseous Compounds in the Environment: 14 (Metal Ions in Life Sciences, 14)

By Kroneck, Peter M.H., Sosa Torres, Martha E.

The Alkali Metal Ions: Their Role for Life: 16 (Metal Ions in Life Sciences, 16)

By Sigel, Astrid, Helmut, Roland K. O.

Proteases in Apoptosis: Pathways, Protocols and Translational Advances

By Bose, Kakoli

Creatine and Creatine Kinase in Health and Disease: 46 (Subcellular Biochemistry, 46)

By Salomons, Gajja S., Wyss, Markus

Clinical Biochemistry: An Illustrated Colour Text (Churchill Pocketbooks)

By Gaw, Allan, Cowan, Robert A., O'Reilly, Denis St. J., Stewart, Michael J., Shepherd, James

New Concepts of Antiviral Therapy

By Bogner, Elke, Holzenburg, Andreas

Biomaterials: From Molecules to Engineered Tissue: 553 (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 553)

By Hasirci, Nesrin, Vasif

Bacterial Chromatin

By Dame, Remus T., Dorman, Charles J.

Cholesterol and Beyond: The Research on Diet and Coronary Heart Disease 1900-2000

By Truswell, A. Stewart

Probiotic Bacteria and Enteric Infections: Cytoprotection by Probiotic Bacteria

By Malago, J.J., Koninkx, J.F.J.G., Marinsek-Logar, R.

Food Security Governance in the Arctic-Barents Region

By Hossain, Kamrul, Raheem, Dele, Cormier, Shaun

Cyclic Polymers

By J. Anthony Semlyen

Brain Imaging: The Chemistry of Mental Activity

By Wagner, Henry N.

Nucleic Acids Hybridization: Modern Applications

By Buzdin, Anton, Lukyanov, Sergey

Viral Proteases and Antiviral Protease Inhibitor Therapy: Proteases in Biology and Disease: 8

By Lendeckel, Uwe, Hooper, Nigel M.

Pseudomonas: Volume 4: Molecular Biology of Emerging Issues

By Ramos, Juan-Luis, Levesque, Roger C.

Pseudomonas: Volume 5: A Model System in Biology

By Ramos, Juan-Luis, Filloux, Alain

Nanotechnology Research Directions: IWGN Workshop Report: Vision for Nanotechnology in the Next Decade

By Williams, R.S., Alivisatos, P.

Glycobiology and Medicine: Proceedings of the 7th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium.: 564 (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 564)

By Axford, John S.

The Physics of Living Systems (Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics)

By Cleri, Fabrizio

Islets of Langerhans

By Islam, Md. Shahidul

Translation and Its Regulation in Cancer Biology and Medicine

By Parsyan, Armen

Proteases in the Brain: 3 (Proteases in Biology and Disease, 3)

By Lendeckel, Uwe, Hooper, Nigel M

Analysis of Sterols

By Goad, J., Akihisa, T.