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Physics in Engineering: 16-19: Book 1: Mechanics and Heat

By Raitt, Gordon

1 available

Electrical and Electronic Principles: Level 2 (Checkbooks S.)

By Bird, John O., May, A. J. C.

Granular Dynamics, Contact Mechanics and Particle System Simulations: A DEM study: 24 (Particle Technology Series, 24)

By Thornton, Colin

Fluidized-Bed Reactors: Processes and Operating Conditions: 26 (Particle Technology Series, 26)

By Yates, John G., Lettieri, Paola

Particulate Products: Tailoring Properties for Optimal Performance: 19 (Particle Technology Series, 19)

By Merkus, Henk G., Meesters, Gabriel M.H.

Production, Handling and Characterization of Particulate Materials: 25 (Particle Technology Series, 25)

By Merkus, Henk G., Meesters, Gabriel M.H.

Advances in Mechanisms Design: Proceedings of TMM 2012: 8 (Mechanisms and Machine Science, 8)

By Beran, Jaroslav, BĂ­lek, Martin, Hejnova, Monika, Zabka, Petr

The Soils of Sri Lanka (World Soils Book Series)

By Mapa, Ranjith B.

Landforms of the World with Google Earth: Understanding our Environment

By Scheffers, Anja M., May, Simon M., Kelletat, Dieter H.

Trace Metal Removal from Aqueous Solution: 61 (Special Publication)

By Thompson, R.

Energy and the Environment (Special Publications)

By Dunderdale, J

Encyclopedia of Acoustics (Mechanical Engineering)

By Crocker, Mj

Mathematical Methods For Physicists International Student Edition

By Arfken, George B., Weber, Hans J.

The Variational Principles of Mechanics (Dover Books on Physics)

By Lanczos, Cornelius

Principles of Engineering Geology

By Attewell, P.B., Farmer, I.W.

A Brief History of Timekeeping: The Science of Marking Time, from Stonehenge to Atomic Clocks

By Orzel, Chad

Oxford Textbook of Orthopedics and Trauma: 3

By Bulstrode, Christopher, Buckwalter, Joseph, Carr, Andrew J., Fairbank, Jeremy, Marsh, Larry, Wilson-MacDonald, James, Bowden, Gavin

Copper and Its Alloys: Conference Proceedings, Amsterdam, 1970

By Morton, P.H.

Fundamentals of Optics (Asia Higher Education Science Physics)

By Jenkins, Francis A.

From Biotechnology To Genomes: The Meaning Of The Double Helix

By Goujon, Philippe

Foundations of Science Mathematics: Worked Problems: 82 (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

By Sivia, D. S.

Guide to Essential Math: A Review for Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Students (Elsevier Insights)

By Blinder, Sy

Forces and Movement (Young Scientists Investigate)

By Dixon, Malcolm, Smith, Karen

Solid-State Physics: An Introduction to Theory and Experiment

By Ibach, H., Lueth

Magnetic Susceptibility of Superconductors and Other Spin Systems

By Francavilla, T.L., Hein, R.A., Liebenberg, D.H.

Semiconductor Devices: Physics and Technology

By Sze, Simon M.

Metal Based Thin Films for Electronics

By Underwood MD FRCPath FRCP FMedSci Professor, James C. E., Schneider, Claus M., Wetzig, Klaus

Electronics Through Applications

By Steven, Alastair

Amplitude Variation With Offset: Gulf Coast Case Studies (Geophysical Development Series)

By Allen, James L., Peddy, Carolyn P.

Handbook of Chiral Chemicals

By Ager, David