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Historical Biographies 1501-1700

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Red Roses: Blanche of Gaunt to Margaret Beaufort

By Amy Licence

Untitled: The Real Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

By Pasternak, Anna

The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn: The Most Happy

By Ives, Eric

3 Para

By Bishop, Patrick

Robert, Earl of Essex: An Elizabethan Icarus

By Lacey, Robert

Unnatural Murder: Poison In The Court Of James I: The Overbury Murder

By Somerset, Anne, Lady Anne

Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders: Simnel, Warbeck, and Warwick

By Amin, Nathen

The Political Diaries of the Fourth Earl of Carnarvon, 1857–1890: Volume 35: Colonial Secretary and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (Camden Fifth Series, Series Number 35)

By Gordon, Peter

The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Find out the truth about Henry VIII’s wives

By Weir, Alison

Mary Queen of Scots: And the Murder of Lord Darnley

By Weir, Alison


By Bower, Tom

Did You Really Shoot the Television?: A Family Fable

By Hastings, Max

Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns and One Intact Glass Ceiling

By Chozick, Amy

Mary Tudor: England's First Queen

By Whitelock, Anna

Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII's Obsession

By Norton, Elizabeth

The King's War, 1641-1647

By Wedgwood, C. V.

Samuel Pepys: A Life

By Coote, Stephen

Thomas More (Past Masters S.)

By Anthony Kenny

The Roundheads

By Ridley, Jasper

The Cradle King

By Alan Stewart

The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters

By Adam Nicolson

Finest Years: Churchill as Warlord 1940-45

By Max Hastings

So Idle a Rogue: Life and Death of Lord Rochester

By Lamb, Jeremy

Drake of Tavistock

By Helen Joy Harris

Elizabeth I and the Government of England

By Keith Randell

Slouching Towards Bethlehem (1960s A Series)

By Joan Didion

Londonopolis: A Curious and Quirky History of London

By Martin Latham, Joe McLaren

Thomas Cromwell: The True Story of 'Wolf Hall'

By J. Patrick Coby

Alexander the Great

By Richard Stoneman (University of Exeter, UK)

Inside the Tudor Court: Henry VIII and his Six Wives through the eyes of the Spanish Ambassador

By Lauren Mackay