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As You Like It (Shakespeare Handbooks)

By Soule, Lesley Wade

1 available

Will In The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare

By Greenblatt, Stephen

1 available

Dada and Surrealist Performance (PAJ Books)

By Melzer, Professor Annabelle

1 available

Theatre and Migration

By Emma Cox, Peter Sellars

1 available

Theatre and Violence

By Nevitt, Lucy

1 available

Colonial Encounters in New World Writing, 1500-1786: Performing America

By Castillo, Susan

1 available

Shakespeare and the Actors

By Brown, Ivor

1 available

Theatre and Museums

By Bennett, Susan

1 available

Theatre and Interculturalism

By Knowles, Ric

3 available

Theatre and Ireland

By Shaw, Fiona, Pilkington, Lionel

2 available

Theatre: a crash course [Theatre & Performance Practices]

By Nicholson, Helen

1 available

Antony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare Handbooks)

By Escolme, Bridget

1 available

Avant-garde Performance: Live Events and Electronic Technologies

By Berghaus, G.

1 available

Programme Notes: Case Studies for Locating Experimental Theatre

By Lois Keidan, CJ Mitchell

1 available

Theatre and Prison

By McAvinchey, Caoimhe

1 available

The Lost Summer: Heyday of the West End Theatre

By Duff, Charles

1 available

Robert, My Father

By Morley, Sheridan

1 available

Black Book on the Welsh Theatre (The Early Years 1947 - 1995)

By Jones, Dedwydd

1 available

Theatre and Sexuality

By Dolan, Jill, Miller, Tim

2 available

Theatre and Nation

By Holdsworth, Nadine, Hytner, Nicholas

1 available

Theatre and Education

By Nicholson, Helen, Bond, Edward

2 available

Theatre and Audience

By Weaver, Lois, Freshwater, Helen

1 available

Theatre and Human Rights

By Dr Paul Rae, Rabih MrouƩ

2 available

Theatre and Mind

By McConachie, B.

1 available

Theatre and The Body

By Conroy, Colette, Abramovi?, Marina

1 available

Theatre and Ethics

By Ridout, Dr Nicholas

1 available

Theatre and Politics

By Kelleher, Professor Joe

1 available

Theatre and the City

By Jen Harvie, Tim Etchells

2 available

Curtain Calls

By Bernard Miles, J. C. Trewin

The Great Theatres of London

By Bergan, Ronald, Karney, Robyn, Burnard, Jane