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Theatre and Migration

By Emma Cox, Peter Sellars

1 available

Get It Together: Why We Deserve Better Politics

By Williams, Zoe

1 available

On the Crofter's Trail: In Search of the Clearance Highlanders

By Craig, David

1 available

The Future of Motherhood in Western Societies: Late Fertility and its Consequences

By Beets, Gijs, Schippers, Joop, te Velde, Egbert R.

Violence, Statistics, and the Politics of Accounting for the Dead: 4 (Demographic Transformation and Socio-Economic Development, 4)

By Pérouse de Montclos, Marc-Antoine, Minor, Elizabeth, Sinha, Samrat

Exploring the Health State of a Population by Dynamic Modeling Methods: 45 (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, 45)

By Skiadas, Christos H., Charilaos

Coping with Demographic Change: A Comparative View on Education and Local Government in Germany and Poland: 19 (European Studies of Population, 19)

By Sackmann, Reinhold, Bartl, Walter, Jonda, Bernadette, Kopycka, Katarzyna, Rademacher, Christian

Human Security: Securing East Asia's Future

By Teh Cheng Guan, Benny

Allocating Public and Private Resources across Generations: Riding the Age Waves - Volume 2: 3 (International Studies in Population, 3)

By Gauthier, Anne H., Chu, C.Y. Cyrus, Tuljapurkar, Shripad

Counting Populations, Understanding Societies: Towards a Interpretative Demography: 1 (Demographic Transformation and Socio-Economic Development, 1)

By Petit, Veronique

Religion and the Decline of Fertility in the Western World

By Derosas, Renzo, Poppel, Frans van

Demographic Transition Theory

By Caldwell, John C., B.K., P., McDonald, P.F., Schindlmayr, T.

Multiculturalism and Social Cohesion: Potentials and Challenges of Diversity

By Reitz, Jeffrey G., Breton, Raymond, Dion, Karen Kisiel, Kenneth L., Phan, Mai, Banerjee, Rupa

The Indirect Estimation of Migration: Methods for Dealing with Irregular, Inadequate, and Missing Data: 26 (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, 26)

By Rogers, Andrei, Little, Jani, Raymer, James

Handbook of Palaeodemography: 2 (INED Population Studies, 2)

By Seguy, Isabelle, Buchet, Luc, Courgeau, Daniel, Caussinus, Henri

The Neolithic Demographic Transition and its Consequences

By Bocquet-Appel, Jean-Pierre, Bar-Yosef, Ofer

Understanding Family Change and Variation: Toward a Theory of Conjunctural Action: 5 (Understanding Population Trends and Processes, 5)

By Johnson-Hanks, Jennifer A., Bachrach, Christine A., Morgan, S. Philip, Kohler, Hans-Peter, Hoelter, Lynette, King, Rosalind, Smock, Pamela

The Family, the Market or the State?: Intergenerational Support Under Pressure in Ageing Societies: 10 (International Studies in Population, 10)

By De Santis, Gustavo

Key Demographics in Retirement Risk Management

By Stone, Leroy O

The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction

By Abbasi-Shavazi, Mohammad Jalal, McDonald, Peter, Hosseini-Chavoshi, Meimanat

Recent Advances in Palaeodemography: Data, Techniques, Patterns

By Bocquet-Appel, Jean-Pierre

State and Local Population Projections: Methodology and Analysis (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis)

By Smith, Stanley K., Tayman, Jeff, Swanson, David A.

The Demography of Health and Health Care (second edition) (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis)

By Pól, Louis G., Thomas, Richard K.

Spatial Mobility, Migration, and Living Arrangements

By Aybek, Can M., Huinink, Johannes, Muttarak, Raya

European Somalis' Post-Migration Movements: Mobility Capital and the Transnationalisation of Resources (IMISCOE Research Series)

By Moret, Joelle

Global Population in Transition

By Martins, Jo. M., Guo, Fei, Swanson, David A.

Cohort Change Ratios and their Applications

By Baker, Jack, Swanson, David A., Tayman, Jeff, Tedrow, Lucky M.

International Handbook on Gender and Demographic Processes: 8 (International Handbooks of Population, 8)

By Riley, Nancy E., Brunson, Jan

Reproductive Decision-Making in a Macro-Micro Perspective

By Philipov, Dimiter, Liefbroer, Aart C., Klobas, Jane E.

New Approaches to Death in Cities during the Health Transition: 12 (International Studies in Population, 12)

By Ramiro Fariñas, Diego, Oris, Michel