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Economic, Social and Demographic Thought in the XIXth Century: The Population Debate from Malthus to Marx

By Charbit, Yves

The Classical Foundations of Population Thought: From Plato to Quesnay

By Charbit, Yves

Women, Migration, and Conflict: Breaking a Deadly Cycle

By Forbes Martin, Susan, Tirman, John

Colonization and Development in New Zealand between 1769 and 1900: The Seeds of Rangiatea: 3 (Demographic Transformation and Socio-Economic Development, 3)

By Pool, Ian

Subnational Population Estimates: 31 (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, 31)

By Swanson, David A., Tayman, Jeff

People on the Move in a Changing Climate: The Regional Impact of Environmental Change on Migration: 2 (Global Migration Issues, 2)

By Piguet, Etienne, Laczko, Frank

The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction

By Abbasi-Shavazi, Mohammad Jalal, McDonald, Peter, Hosseini-Chavoshi, Meimanat

Demographic Change and Housing Wealth:: Home-owners, Pensions and Asset-based Welfare in Europe

By Doling, John, Elsinga, Marja, Dol, Kees, Hegedus, József, Horsewood, Nick, Ronald, Richard, Szemzo, Hanna, Teller, Nora, Toussaint, Janneke

Mortality and Causes of Death in 20th-Century Ukraine (Demographic Research Monographs)

By Meslé, France, Vallin, Jacques, Shkolnikov, Vladimir, Pyrozhkov, Serhii, Adamets, Sergei

The Demography of Health and Healthcare: 13 (The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, 13)

By Pól, Louis G., Thomas, Richard K.

Migration and Transformation:: Multi-Level Analysis of Migrant Transnationalism: 3 (International Perspectives on Migration, 3)

By Pitkänen, Pirkko, Içduygu, Ahmet, Sert, Deniz

The Hispanic-Mapuche Parlamentos: Interethnic Geo-Politics and Concessionary Spaces in Colonial America (Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology)

By Zavala, José Manuel, Dillehay, Tom D., Payàs, Gertrudis

Cities and Mega-Cities: Problems and Solution Strategies (SpringerBriefs in Geography)

By Siegel, Frederic R.

Well-Being of Youth and Emerging Adults across Cultures: Novel Approaches and Findings from Europe, Asia, Africa and America: 12 (Cross-Cultural Advancements in Positive Psychology, 12)

By Dimitrova, Radosveta

Spatial Mobility of Migrant Workers in Beijing, China

By Liu, Ran

Brooklyn’s Bushwick - Urban Renewal in New York, USA: Community, Planning and Sustainable Environments

By Rauscher, Raymond Charles, Momtaz, Salim

Sites of Modernity: Asian Cities in the Transitory Moments of Trade, Colonialism, and Nationalism: 1 (The Humanities in Asia, 1)

By Wongsurawat, Wasana

Language Socialization: Encyclopedia of Language and Education Volume 8

By Duff, Patricia A., Hornberger, Nancy H.

Water Resources Allocation: Policy and Socioeconomic Issues in Cyprus: 1 (Global Issues in Water Policy, 1)

By Koundouri, Phoebe

Dishing the Dirt: The Hidden Lives of House Cleaners

By Nick Duerden

The ACP Group and the EU Development Partnership: Beyond the North-South Debate

By Montoute, Annita, Virk, Kudrat

Global Diversity Management: A Fusion of Ideas, Stories and Practice (Management for Professionals)

By Ozbilgin, Mustafa F., Bartels-Ellis, Fiona, Gibbs, Paul

Handbook of the Life Course: Volume II: 2 (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research)

By Shanahan, Michael J., Mortimer, Jeylan T., Kirkpatrick Johnson, Monica

Population and Society, 1750-1940 (TBSH)

By Tranter, N. L.

Demography and Infrastructure: National and Regional Aspects of Demographic Change: 51 (Environment & Policy, 51)

By Kronenberg, Tobias, Kuckshinrichs, Wilhelm

The Geography, Nature and History of the Tropical Pacific and its Islands (World Regional Geography Book Series)

By Goldberg, Walter M.

Identifying Emerging Issues in Disaster Risk Reduction, Migration, Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Shaping Debates and Policies

By Sudmeier-Rieux, Karen, Fernandez, Manuela, Penna, Ivanna M., Jaboyedoff, Michel, Gaillard, J.C.

Handbook of Population (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research)

By Poston, Jr. Dudley L., Micklin, Michael

This is Europe: The Way We Live Now

By Ben Judah

Becoming a Welcoming Church

By Thom S. Rainer