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Internet Programming: Unit 9

The Restless Universe: Bk. 1

By Lambourne, R., Bolton, J.

State, Economy and Nation in 19th Century Europe: Block 1-STATE (Course A221)

By Bessel, Richard, Emsley, Professor Clive

Oscillations and Energy (Course MST204: Mathematical Models & Methods)

Damped and Forced Vibrations (Course MST204: Mathematical Models & Methods)

Newtonian Mechanics in One Dimension (Course MST204: Mathematical Models & Methods)

Block C: Baker's Dozen, the Ever-changing World (Open Mathematics)

Block 2.2 (Functions and Modular Programs)

By Best, Alan

Block 1.4 (Further Considerations)

By Best, Alan

Descartes: Algebra and Geometry: Unit 8 (Course MA290)

By Gray, J.

Block 5 (Course S267)

By Rothery, David A.

Block 4 (Course S267)

By Harris, N.

Making Connections (Course E242: Learning for All)

By Booth, T.

Happy Memories (Course E242: Learning for All)

By Booth, T.

Learning for All: Further and Higher (E242 Learning for all)

By Corbett, J.

Learning from Experience (Course E242: Learning for All)

By Booth, T., Potts, P.

Introduction to Art History (Unit 10-12) (Arts foundation course)

By Langmuir, Erika, etc., Fer, B., Walsh, L.

The Database Language SQL

By The Open University Course Team

Block B (Open Mathematics)

Block B: Graphs, Every Picture Tells a Story

Maps, Every Picture Tells a Story: Block B

Block A: Seabirds, for Better, for Worse

Practical Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue: Pt. 1-2

Elastic-plastic Fracture Mechanics: Pt. 5

Variational Principles: Block 3

By The Open University

Fracture Mechanics: Case Studies: Pt. 6

Study Units (Earth & Life S.)

By Dise, N.

Study Units (Earth & Life S.)

By Gilmour, Iain

Block C: Prediction, the Ever-changing World


By Bromley, S.