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Competitiveness of Global Agriculture: Policy Lessons for Food Security

By Jambor, Attila, Babu, Suresh

Integrated Pest Management of Tropical Vegetable Crops

By Muniappan, Rangaswamy, Heinrichs, E. A.

Grapevine Viruses: Molecular Biology, Diagnostics and Management

By Meng, Baozhong, Martelli, Giovanni P., Golino, Deborah A., Fuchs, Marc

Mitigation of Dangers from Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards: Prediction, Prevention, and Preparedness (SpringerBriefs in Environmental Science)

By Siegel, Frederic R.

Soil Carbon (Progress in Soil Science)

By Hartemink, Alfred E., McSweeney, Kevin

Anthropogenic Geomorphology: A Guide to Man-Made Landforms

By Szabó, József, David, Lorant, Lóczy, Denes

Farming the Black Earth: Sustainable and Climate-Smart Management of Chernozem Soils

By Boincean, Boris, Dent, David

Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar: Principles and Application: 25 (Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing, 25)

By Hajnsek, Irena, Desnos, Yves-Louis

The Soils of Libya (World Soils Book Series)

By Zurqani, Hamdi A.

Food Security Among Small-Scale Agricultural Producers in Southern Africa

By Msangi, Josephine Phillip

Biological Invasions Belowground: Earthworms as Invasive Species

By Hendrix, Paul F.

Molecular Diagnostics: Part 1: Technical Backgrounds and Quality Aspects

By van Pelt-Verkuil, E., van Leeuwen, W.B., te Witt, R.

Combating Desertification and Land Degradation: Spatial Strategies Using Vegetation (SpringerBriefs in Environmental Science)

By Hooke, Janet, Sandercock, Peter, Gonzalez Barbera, Gonzalo, Borselli, Lorenzo, Boix-Fayos, Carolina, Cammeraat, Erik L.H., Castillo, Victor, De Baets, Sara, Lesschen, Jan Peter, Marchamalo, Miguel, Meerkerk, Andre, Querejeta, Jose Ignacio, Navarro-Cano...

Vulnerability of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries to Climate Change: Toward Sustainable Adaptation Strategies

By Behnassi, Mohamed, Syomiti Muteng'e, Margaret, Ramachandran, Gopichandran, Shelat, Kirit N.

A Roadmap to the Successful Development and Commercialization of Microbial Pest Control Products for Control of Arthropods: 10 (Progress in Biological Control, 10)

By Ravensberg, Willem J.

Permafrost Hydrology

By Woo, Ming-ko

Sampling Procedures to Detect Mycotoxins in Agricultural Commodities

By Whitaker, Thomas B., Slate, Andrew B., Doko, M. Bruno, Maestroni, Britt M., Cannavan, Andrew

Bio-Economic Models applied to Agricultural Systems

By Flichman, Guillermo

Sustainable Potato Production: Global Case Studies

By He, Zhongqi, Larkin, Robert, Honeycutt, Wayne

Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Beneficial Plant-Microbe Interaction

By González-Andrés, Fernando, James, Euan

Crop Production for Agricultural Improvement

By Ashraf, Muhammad, Öztürk, Munir, Ahmad, Muhammad Sajid Aqeel, Aksoy, Ahmet

Organic Farming, Prototype for Sustainable Agricultures

By Bellon, Stéphane, Penvern, Servane

Geostatistical Applications for Precision Agriculture

By Oliver, Margaret A.

Application of Soil Physics in Environmental Analyses: Measuring, Modelling and Data Integration (Progress in Soil Science)

By Teixeira, Wenceslau Geraldes, Ceddia, Marcos Bacis, Ottoni, Marta Vasconcelos, Donnagema, Guilheme Kangussu

Plant Ecology

By Schulze, Ernst-Detlef, Beck, Erwin, Müller-Hohenstein, Klaus, Lawlor, David, Kirsten, Gudrun

Regulation of Biological Control Agents

By Ehlers, Ralf-Udo

Handbook of Florists' Crops Diseases (Handbook of Plant Disease Management)

By McGovern, Robert J., Elmer, Wade H.

Drought Assessment

By Nagarajan, R.

Pollination Biology, Vol.1: Pests and pollinators of fruit crops

By Abrol, Dharam P.

Plant Defence: Biological Control: 12 (Progress in Biological Control, 12)

By Mérillon, Jean Michel, Ramawat, Kishan Gopal