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Crop Husbandry

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Lal;African Garden & Orchard: Growing Vegetables and Fruits (Land & life series)

By Dupriez, Hugues, Leener, Philippe De, de Leener, Philippe

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Whole-crop Cereals: Making and Feeding Cereal Silage

By Wilkinson, J.M., Stark, B.A.

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Developing Technology with Farmers: A Trainer's Guide for Participatory Learning

By van Veldhuizen, Laurens, Waters-Bayer, Anne, de Zeeuw, Henk

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Spices: v. 2 (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Purseglove, John William, Green, C L, Brown, D.G., Robbins, S.R.J.

Managing Soil Quality: Challenges in Modern Agriculture

By Schjonning, Per, Christensen, Bent, Elmholt, Susanne

Cotton (The Tropical Agriculturalist)

By Technical Centre for Agriculture

Potato Mechanization and Storage

By C.F.H. Bishop, W. Maunder

Field Margins: Integrating Agriculture and Conservation

By Nigel Boatman

The Production of New Potato Varieties: Technological Advances

By G. J. Jellis, D. E. Richardson

Introduction to Crop Husbandry: Including Grassland

By Lockhart, J. A. R., Wiseman, A. J. L.

Date Palm Biotechnology

By Jain, Shri Mohan, Al-Khayri, Jameel M., Johnson, Dennis V.

Composting: An Easy Household Guide (Green Books Guides)

By Nicky Scott, Roy Chadwick

Spices: v. 1 (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Purseglove, J. W., Green, C. L., Brown, E. G., Robbins, S. R. J.

Tropical Forages: Their Role in Sustainable Agriculture (Tropical Agriculture)

By Humphreys, L. R.

Vetiver Grass: A Thin Green Line Against Erosion

By National Research Council, Policy and Global Affairs, Board on Science and Technology for International Development, Panel on Vetiver

Cowpea: Research, Production and Utilization

By Singh, SR

The Potato

By Burton, W. G.

Fighting Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Multiple Roles of Legumes in Integrated Soil Fertility Management

By Bationo, Andre, Waswa, Boaz, Okeyo, Jeremiah M., Maina, Fredah, Kihara, Job, Mokwunye, Uzo

Coffee (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Wrigley, Gordon

Tropical Fruits (Tropical Agriculture) (Applied Linguistics in Action)

By Samson, J. A.

Rubber (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Webster, C. C., Baulkwill, W. J.

Cotton (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Munro, J. M.

Cocoa (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Wood BA DTA, G. A. R., Lass B.Sc. DTA, R. A.

Rice (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Grist, D. H.

The Oil Palm (Tropical Agriculture S.)

By Hartley, C.W.S.

Sorghum (Tropical Agriculture Series)

By Doggett, Hugh, Ph.D.

Avocado (The Tropical Agriculturalist)

By J.P. Gaillard, J. Godefroy

Saline Agriculture: Salt-Tolerant Plants for Developing Countries


Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Soil Science

By White

Crop Evolution, Adaptation and Yield

By Evans, L. T.