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Complexity and the Nexus of Leadership: Leveraging Nonlinear Science to Create Ecologies of Innovation

By J. Goldstein, J. Hazy, B. Lichtenstein

Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Enterprise: Lessons from Frontrunner Companies

By Rob van Tulder (Erasmus University, The Netherlands), Rob Tilburg, Mara Francken, Andrea Rosa (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Perspectives on Work, Employment and Society in Japan

By P. Matanle, W. Lunsing

Organization and Development of Russian Business: A Firm-Level Analysis

By Tatiana Dolgopyatova, Ichiro Iwasaki, Andrei A. Yakovlev

New Directions in Expatriate Research

By M. Morley, N. Heraty, David G. Collings

Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management, Global Edition

By Bozarth, Cecil, Handfield, Robert

Alleviating Poverty through Business Strategy

By C. Wankel

The Learning Layer: Building the Next Level of Intellect in Your Organization

By S. Flinn

Knowledge Management and Information Systems: Strategies for Growing Organizations

By Robert Mellor (Kingston University, UK)

Bad Apples: Identify, Prevent & Manage Negative Behavior at Work

By A. Furnham, J. Taylor

When Managers Rebel

By David Courpasson, Jean-Claude Thoenig

Employee Relations in the Public Services: Themes and Issues

By Susan Corby, Geoff White (University of Greenwich Business School, UK)

Corporate Psychopaths: Organizational Destroyers

By C. Boddy

Human Resource Management in Project-Based Organizations: The HR Quadriad Framework

By K. Bredin, J. Soederlund

Equality. Diversity and Disadvantage in Employment

By M. Noon, E. Ogbonna

Management Control: Theories, Issues and Performance

By Anthony J. Berry, Jane Broadbent, David Otley

Police Leadership: A Primer for the Individual and the Organization

By Quinn McCarthy

Where Have All the Senior Women Gone?: 9 Critical Job Assignments for Women Leaders

By Ines Wichert

The Future of Employment Relations: New Paradigms, New Developments

By A. Wilkinson, K. Townsend

What's Next?: How Professionals Are Refusing Retirement

By D. Roche-Tarry, D. Roche-Lebrec

Working for the State: Employment Relations in the Public Services

By Corby, Susan

Human Development in Business: Values and Humanistic Management in the Encyclical 'Caritas in Veritate'

By Domenec Mele, C. Dierksmeier

Competition, Gender and Management: Beyond Winning and Losing

By J. Dennehy

European Real Estate Markets

By Jose Luis Suarez

The Production of Seriousness: The Metaphysics of Economic Reason

By C. Gustafsson

Untapped Talent: Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce

By D. Monroe

Vested: How P&G, McDonald's, and Microsoft are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships

By Kate Vitasek, Karl Manrodt, Jeanne Kling

Expanding the Boundaries of Work-Family Research: A Vision for the Future

By S. Poelmans, J. Greenhaus, M. Las Heras Maestro, Kenneth A. Loparo

Understanding Psychological Bonds between Individuals and Organizations: The Coalescence Model of Organizational Identification

By S. Fuchs

Shaping the Future of Business Education: Relevance, Rigor, and Life Preparation

By G. Hardy, D. Everett