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The Oxford Handbook of Expertise

By Paul Ward (Lead Applied Cognitive Psychologist and Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Lead Applied Cognitive Psychologist and Adjunct Professor of Psychology, The MITRE Corporation and Michigan Technological University, USA), Jan Maarten Schraagen (Profe...

Taking Liberties: A Critical Examination of Libertarian Paternalism

By R. Rebonato

The Modern Family Business: Relationships, Succession and Transition

By L. Collins, L. Grisoni, J. Tucker, C. Seaman, S. Graham

Shut Up and Listen: Communication with Impact

By T., C. Cooper, Kenneth A. Loparo

Understanding Psychological Bonds between Individuals and Organizations: The Coalescence Model of Organizational Identification

By S. Fuchs

Assembling Health Care Organizations: Practice, Materiality and Institutions

By K. Lindberg, A. Styhre, Kenneth A. Loparo

Managing Privacy through Accountability

By D. Guagnin, L. Hempel, Carla Ilten, Inga Kroener, Daniel Neyland

Competition, Gender and Management: Beyond Winning and Losing

By J. Dennehy

Internationalization of Emerging Economies and Firms

By M. Marinov, S. Marinova

Strategic Management and Public Service Performance

By R. Andrews, G. Boyne, J. Law, R. Walker

The Production of Seriousness: The Metaphysics of Economic Reason

By C. Gustafsson

National Monopoly to Successful Multinational: the case of Enel

By Massimo Bergami, Pier Luigi Celli, Giuseppe Soda

Expanding the Boundaries of Work-Family Research: A Vision for the Future

By S. Poelmans, J. Greenhaus, M. Las Heras Maestro, Kenneth A. Loparo

The Family Council Handbook: How to Create, Run, and Maintain a Successful Family Business Council


From Complexity to Simplicity: Unleash Your Organisation's Potential

By S. Collinson, M. Jay

Values and Stakeholders in an Era of Social Responsibility: Cut-throat Competition?

By Paolo D'Anselmi

Technological Innovation and Public Policy: The Automotive Industry

By H. Miyoshi, M. Kii

Lessons on Profiting from Diversity

By G. Moss

Innovations in Stress and Health

By S. Cartwright, C. Cooper

Well-being: Productivity and Happiness at Work

By Ivan Robertson, CARY COOPER

Family Business Ownership: How to Be an Effective Shareholder

By C. Aronoff, J. Ward

Japanese Corporate Transition in Time and Space

By T. Kurihara

Gender, Power and Management: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Higher Education

By B. Bagilhole, K. White

Employee-Driven Innovation: A New Approach

By Steen Hoyrup, M. Bonnafous-Boucher, C. Hasse, M. Lotz, Kirsten Moller

The High Engagement Work Culture: Balancing Me and We

By D. Bowles, C. Cooper

Images of Organization

By Gareth Morgan

Union Organizing: Campaigning for trade union recognition

By Gregor Gall

Communicating Clearly about Science and Medicine: Making Data Presentations as Simple as Possible ... But No Simpler

By John Clare

The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilised Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't

By Robert Sutton

Writers on Organizations

By David J. Hickson, Derek S. Pugh